Mary Bottini

Mary Bottini, Morning

These paintings are inspired by the network of relationships in the system of nature. They encourage viewers to notice the “painting within the painting” that exists beyond our limited senses—the interplay of the laws of nature that constantly surround us.

“Duality,” “The Flood,” “Coherent Conscience,” “Death of a Survivor,” and “Hemmed In” were inspired by the impact our subconscious has on our experiences in reality. What happens internally when we are in crisis or lose our sense of self? How do subconscious forces and patterns operate on us? What helps us rebuild ourselves with a new level of perception? The exploration inward can be filled with intense pain but also has immeasurable value. 

Neverne Covington

The Map is Not the Territory

Neverne Covington has drawn and painted since childhood. Having grown up in the American South, she found an endless source of inspritaiton in the resplendent light, verdant landscape, and botanical diversity of her surroundings. The imagery that comes to life in her work is inspired both by direct observation and memory. The forms in her work are combinations of abstraction and figuration, which address the flow of time and movement and the rhythm of nature.

Introducing Sabina Espinet

Sabina Espinet is a mixed-media artist and illustrator of several oracle/tarot decks. She is a first-generation immigrant, born in Colombia to Caribbean parents. Her multicultural heritage and early travels throughout South America impressed upon her an appreciation for diversity that she has carried into her work in unique ways. By combining traditional religious iconography, pop culture, and archetypal symbols, Sabina explores our shared human experience as well as our common connection to the Divine, while attempting to blur social boundaries. She obtained her B.F.A. in painting from the University of South Florida, where she studied with Theo Wujcik.