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Diane Stanley

Introduction to the Illustrations of Dante's Divine Comedy: A Journey to the Mystery of Transformation

The 700th Anniversary of the death of the great Italian poet Dante Alighieri took place in 2021. Due to the pandemic, the large celebration in Italy was on Zoom. Dr. Murray Stein was asked to represent Jungian depth psychology. He offered a paper entitled “Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Journey to the Mystery of Transformation.”[1] It was subsequently presented online to several international Jungian centers. Dr. Stein invited me to collaborate with him for this purpose; below are ten of my works from that presentation. I used mixed media on 300 gsm paper of varying sizes, from A-1 to A-3.  

I trained for 3 years at a fine arts college in Switzerland (École de Vitrail et Création), and then worked for a decade in a private art gallery in central London. Thereafter I worked in my own studio on the shores of Galway Bay in the west of Ireland, largely focusing on oil paintings of the unspoilt landscapes of Connemara. Upon returning to Bristol in the UK in 2014, I undertook a transformational Jungian analysis. My artistic style expanded to include abstract expressionism. I have recently had the invaluable opportunity of collaborating with Dr. Stein on cover art for his books, illustrations for presentations and a podcast (see below).

[1] Stein, Murray. (2022) “Dante’s Divine Comedy—A Journey to the Mystery of Transformation.” The Mystery of Transformation, pp.19-54, Chiron Publications, Asheville, N.C. 

Also published in Stein, Murray. (2021) Collected Writings Volume 3: Transformation. Chiron Publications, N.C.

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