Lecture: Fairy Tales in Analytical Psychology

“In fairy tales one can best discover the comparative anatomy of the psyche.”

C.G. Jung

Jung felt that the method of”amplification” could enrich the individual’s experience of the collective unconscious. Specifically, he claimed that  by looking deeply into alchemy, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales, one would better be able to see and relate to the archetypal patterns that were at the root of our common ancestral psychology. This lecture will explore how & why this is the case particularly with fairy tales, as well as suggesting a therapeutic value in connecting to the larger stories that have for time immemorial offered to humankind ways of understanding and navigating the individuation process.  

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Mar 09 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Saint Leo University Tampa Education Center
1403 N. Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 33607
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