Lecture: The Archetypal Self

Jung experienced and later taught a “vocation to wholeness.” This calling into wholeness had an organizing center that would both create order out of chaos and embrace the opposites in ways that he would suggest are tantamount to an experience of God. For Jung, the archetypal Self is the image of God within, and as an image can vary not only within individual religious traditions, but perhaps more importantly, within individuals themselves. One of the images of the archetypal Self that Jung was most fond of has multiple origins. Nicholas of Cusa gives us perhaps the best rendering: “God is a sphere whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere.”

Come explore Jung’s extensive research and hear about his profound insights into what he also refers to as a “borderline” or “mystical” concept. One could say that the archetypal Self is likewise the center and circumference of Jung’s Analytical Psychology!

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Apr 20 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm




Saint Leo University Tampa Education Center
1403 N. Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 33607
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