The C.G. Jung Library of Tampa Bay is an educational resource containing more than 3,000 items, including a quantity of rare and out-of-print books, scholarly journal collections, and a selection of CDs and DVDs with footage of Jung and his close intellectual circle. 

The Library offers a specialized collection built around the rich and varied concepts of Analytical Psychology. Its contents reach back into the primordial and mythological realms; trace the development of analytical psychology as well as depth psychology more generally; speak to topics related to Jung’s own interests reflecting cultural expressions of psyche in areas such as art, literature, poetry, religion, physics, and philosophy; and expand forward into new explorations of Jung’s rich legacy of ideas. Browse our Library Catalog to discover how Jungian concepts continue to have utility and currency in contemporary life.

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Book Reviews

This book review will select a title each month from the Library’s offerings that could fall into the category of a “classic” text in the field of Analytical Psychology, or at least a text that in the reviewer’s opinion is heading in that direction. 

We mean to suggest that the content of the books under review have stood the test of time and are still worthy of your attention.  Some titles could even be considered ahead of their time at their initial publication. In all the reviews, we will ask the questions: “What is the author up to here?” And, “What does this text have to offer us after all these years?”

Using the guidelines above, individuals are welcome to submit their own nominees by title, or by title and review, for consideration on the website.

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Go to the Jung Library of Tampa Bay on Tiny Cat to browse the collection.

A Library membership is required in order to borrow books. Those interested in visiting the Library are invited to request an appointment below.

Library Borrowing Policies

  • Members can check the status of a book online and place holds on available items.
  • Circulating books may be checked out for up to 30 days and are renewable unless another member has requested a hold on the item.
  • Borrowing will be limited to four items at a time.
  • A portion of the collection will be available for use inside the Library only due to the rarity, fragility, or irreplaceability of the item.
  • Library hours are by appointment.
  • Late fees will accrue at .25 per day. Replacement costs for lost or damaged books will be determined by the Library according to the value of the item.
  • Books may be returned by appointment, at Library events, or by mail to: 4615 River Hills Drive, Tampa, FL 33617.

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