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Mary Bottini

Mary Bottini: Paintings from 2013 – 2015

The network of relationships in the system of nature has inspired these paintings. The Seen and Unseen Series was painted using invisible ink and/or glow paint. When the viewer shines a blacklight on these paintings, hidden images are revealed that represent the unseen forces of nature, all within us. The concept is meant to convey that a system operates behind the scenes, hidden in plain sight. The paintings encourage viewers to notice the “painting within the painting” that exists beyond our limited senses.

A desire to know ourselves inevitably leads us to this system, our subconscious, where we undergo a process to understand who we are on a much deeper level.

“Duality,” “The Flood,” “Coherent Conscience,” “Death of a Survivor,” and “Hemmed In” were inspired by the impact the subconscious has on our experiences in reality. What happens internally when we are in crisis or lose our sense of self? How do subconscious patterns operate on us? Accepting the invitation (sometimes in the form of a crisis) to journey inward gives us a new level of perception and awareness.

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Seen and Unseen Series

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Crow on Footbridge


This painting has been donated in support of the Library and is available for purchase. Please contact with inquiries.

The Flood

Artist’s Statement: “The flood” is a state of mind. Turbulent waters (below) represent the flood of emotions and chaos we sometimes experience. “Take refuge from the onslaught of the mind, the flood” is written in binary code across the top portion. At times like this, the way through this state is to build an ark, a vessel… a safe sanctuary with friends. Make a covenant with those who see the event through the lens of a higher perception. 

Coherent Conscience

This painting has been donated in support of the Library and is available for purchase. Please contact with inquiries.

Artist’s Statement: When the heart and mind are united and resonate, they form a channel for the flow of happiness, balance, and wholeness. When they are at extreme odds, one feels an intense disconnect, upheaval, and inner turmoil… a crisis. 
The light reveals a channel of coherence where information flows between the heart and mind. When the points are connected, the heart glows. The heart is a mirror, reflecting what is inside outward.

Skyway Bridge System

Swimming in Nature's Systems

Loyal Companion


Subconscious Flows

Death of a Survivor

Hemmed In